Your pc can hear you!

According to this article, Google is planning to use your PC’s microphone to eavesdrop on you. By isolating background sounds and comparing them to fingerprints, they can calculate what you are listening to on the radio or what you are watching on TV. They will then use that information to give you targeted ads while you surf.

For me this is clearly a bridge to far. This kind of technology is absolutely unacceptable. Law enforcement agencies need a judge to approve this. Google however, probably can get away with it by having you click “Yes” on a EULA. If a user opts-in for this, it should be in a very formal way, with paper trail and the likes.

It is just a matter of time before someone will use it to listen in on your conversations. A very scary thought.

If this trend will continue and nobody stands up against it, I am going to switch back to this.