My pin code is … ****

Yes, you read that right, I gave you my pin code, it’s … ****. Of course, unless you lack a brain, you know that **** is not even a valid pin code. It’s what you see on screen when you enter your code at any ATM. No need to protect that … or is there?

One bank in Belgium goes to great lengths to protect you from devious people trying to read that “****” while you enter your code. They have a special film on the display that makes it impossible to read the display unless you are standing perfectly in front of it. So, nobody can read that “****”, only you can. They even have a sticker on the machine telling you how they do their best to protect you.

They do not protect you in any way from someone looking at what you type on the key pad though. In fact, from the looks of it, they do their very best to make it as easy as possible for strangers to see what you are typing on the key pad.

I know many of their ATM locations are surrounded by excellent spots from which you can undisturbed see any pin code being entered on they key pad. Even when the ATM is indoors, it is conveniently located near a large bright window. A large bright window lacking any protecting measures for that matter. Someone living in the house opposite the street can easily farm many pin codes a day.

It’s good to see how smart people are doing their very best to protect me from fraud and theft. Thank you.