Data cleansing just became a lot easier

Novell has released a first version of Novell Enforcer. They blogged about this earlier. The tool supports the process of data cleansing and control in three different phases:

  • In the first phase, dubbed “Analysis“, the tool gives you a deeper insight on the quality, content and structure of the identity data in the various repositories.
  • The next phase, dubbed “Enhance“, helps you to correct erroneous data, create a consistent structure and overall enhance the quality of the identity repositories.
  • The last phase, dubbed “Control“, aids you in creating the necessary policies in the Novell Identity Manager product to keep the data consistent and clean.

This looks like a great tool and I can’t wait to lay my hands on this little gem! Up until now data control and cleansing had been a one-time job mostly implemented using a battery of quick and small scripts.

Today, Novell has shown us that data cleansing and control is not a one-time step but a continuous process that deserves a front row seat in your I&AM architecture.