Are you human?

Most of you know these images with letters and numbers embedded, garbled just enough to make it very hard for a computer to recognize them but not garbled enough for a human. These images are called captchas. For some reasons I always have problems with these images. They are an attempt to make me prove I am human but in reality they want me to proof I am a superhuman. Today I registered at and they use a captcha. It took me 3 tries before I got the image right!

If there would be a benefit to an identity meta-system and Cardspace, it would certainly be the demise of these captcha images.

Using infocards I can prove I am a human, a claim which can be backed by a trusted, third-party identity provider. Not only would I be able to prove that, I also wouldn’t have to come up with yet another username and password on

I can’t waith for this identity meta-system to materialise!